putting history here.

By Laws

Founding Members of ELTC

Rob Reinhardt - NY

Jon Dumonski - CT
Dave Pittman
- NJ

Bobby Alerton - PA (PITT)

1. There will be one president for every chapter started and other officers may be voted on if called for by the majority of the chapter. (Any officer can be removed at any time if their actions affect the club in a negative way.)

2. If looking to start a chapter please contact any chapter president through our website.

3. Each chapter has the freedom to run their chapter as they see fit, so some chapters may have dues; check with chapter president to see if these fee are present in the chapter you wish to join.  There is a fee for decals and apparel (see chapter president)

4. The purpose is to have fun building custom trucks, attend car/truck shows and to just have a good time making new friends.

5. You do not need a full customized truck to join but you should have the intentions of doing some type of customizing.  The club is built to have fun and you don’t need a full customized truck to have fun.

6. Any interested person must come down and hang out club functions, cruise nights, shows, club meeting, etc.

7. After the person shows dedication to the club they may be asked to join up, only after a majority vote of members is taken.

8. The club votes on the person not the truck. We build friendships not just trucks.

9. After you are asked to join, you may then rock the logo on your back window.  When this happens you are on probation for a period that depends on you.  The more active you are, the faster you become a full logo carrying member.

10. When you become a full logo carrying member, a small ELTC decal will be placed on your top right corner of your windshield.  This will indicate that you are a full member of Exceeding Limits and no longer matt’s bitch.  Hahaha.  This process also depends on your dedication to the club and its members.

11. Meeting will be held every month and may take a place at shows and meets.  Votes can only take place depending on the amount of members present at such events. (Time and place contact president.)

12. Any actions that reflect poorly on the club may result in your removal from Exceeding Limits, so use your common sense.

13. The club is here to have fun and make friends. You want to be here so be a part of it. Family and job problems will be worked out between chapter president and member/prospects. Remember to keep all outside problems out of the club as this can result in removal from club.
Save the drama for your mama!